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Product Datasheet

A "Cisterngauge" is a universal water tank level indicator. It works without batteries and comes with a durable weatherproof enclosure. It is designed to retrofit existing water tanks and cisterns, and read the water depth in your cistern or water-tank from any convenient location. The meter comes with a good looking, durable indoor/outdoor enclosure to fix it to the wall and protect the gauge against weather influences. The gauge itself is made from aluminum with copper inner parts. The system is designed for fast installation which can be as fast as in minutes.




Specification 1

Specification 2



carton box

full color printed paper wrap

Dimensions box

Lxbxh = 11½ x 9½ x 2½ inch

29 x 24 x 6,5 cm

Weight including box

2 pounds

0,85 kg

Production and design

Production China

Design Europe

Dimensions enclosure

10½ x 3 x 2 inch

27 x 8 x 5 cm

Material enclosure

Acrylonitril-butadieen-styreen (ABS)  thermoplast

Impact and UV resistant

Dimensions nozzle

4⅓ x 1 inch

11 x 2,5 cm

Material nozzle

Acrylonitril-butadieen-styreen (ABS)  thermoplast.

Steel rod inner weight

Materials gauges

Outer gauge parts: Aluminum

Inner parts: Brass

Material tubing

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Length tubing

33 feet, diameter ¼ inch

10 meter, diameter 6 mm

Max. possible tube length

100 feet

30 meters

Max. water depth

120 inches

3 meter

Calibration liquid

Fresh water

other liquids possible after calibration

Minimum Order Quantity

Customer MOQ: 1

Wholesale MOQ: 7


1 year

2 years on non-wearables