How to install ?

Installation & Product Information

The package includes all the nessesary items to fix it to a wall and comes with 30 feet of air-tube that leads into your cistern. A non-toxic nozzle is prefixed at the end of the tube. Installation Installation is as fast as in minutes! Just find a convenient location for the gauge fix it to the wall with the screws and plugs that are provided with it.

Installation can be as fast as in minutes:

  • Drop the nozzle in an overflow outlet or through any other hole in your cistern and lower it to the bottom of the cistern, while holding the tube.
  • Lead the tube to the gauge, plug it in and fix it to the wall.
  • Squeeze a couple of times until the needle doesn't go up any higher, and you already have your first readout!


You can extend the tube virtually as long as you like. If the 30 feet from the package is not enough for you, longer tubes can be ordered here or are easily available at your local hardware store.

It makes no difference whether the watertank is above your gauge, on a roof, or much lower in the ground. It can even be a waterwell or a pond that you would like to monitor!

What is a Cisterngauges ?

A "CisternGauge" is the most universal water tank level indicator. Installation is fast and easy through the overflow e.g., without the need to enter the watertank in any way. It fits virtual all water-tanks, water storages, reservoirs and cisterns. It works without batteries and comes with a durable weatherproof enclosure. Retrofits on existing water tanks and cisterns. Read the water level of your Cistern or water-tank from any convenient location. Just like it is important to have a fuel gauge on your car, it is important to have a Gauge for your Cistern or Water Tank. It gives you a quick and easy readout of the level in your tank. Finally you can get a durable and affordable water level gauge that allows you to accurately read the depth of your cistern or water-tank from any convenient location, for example, outside against the wall or maybe inside next to your kitchen sink. This Gauge has many great advantages: Diaphragm pressure gauge. It is very sensitive and reads directly in inches of water (scale: 100 inches). The meter comes with a good looking, durable indoor/outdoor enclosure to fix it to the wall Protected against weather influences. Durable. It is made from the best materials only. Aluminum gauge with cupper inner parts. Safe. Don't risk to get stuck without water, or have your pump run dry. Easy. Installation can be as fast as in minutes. Retrofit. Fits all: New water tanks, old cisterns and in the foundation water-storages. Requiers no electricity or batteries at all Cisterngauges is part of Trint International B.V. Trint International B.V. Reimersbeek 1 6715 MC EDE Mail : Phone : 0412-653201 KVK : 09139749 VAT : NL8129.19.749.B01

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