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Butt is a novel, simple, British designed and manufactured water butt, perfect for the garden. 

As featured in The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times,  The Guardian and many more publications. 

The Prestige Water butt provides an elegant and neat solution to watering outdoor plants with softwater which is better for plants. 

Space saving, slimline design to compliment and fit any style of house, flat or balcony. Sturdy and easy to install, supplied with everything you need. Child safe and pet proof.

Tidy, no messy diverter 
Tap can be fitted either side of water butt
Limit bending down to fill watering can
Save precious natural resources saving you money
Hold 100Ltrs (22 Gall) of pure rain water.
Can be used as a rainwater hub to divert water to other larger storage tanks
Fits all round or square down pipes (up to 80mm diameter)
Can be fitted central or offset around downpipe
Automatically fills and diverts excess water
Expandable, add additional water butts using a 3/4" linking kit -free if 2 units ordered. See image above of linking kit in use.
Measures: 122cm(h) x 46cm(w) x 23cm(d)
Quick and easy installation
Made in the UK from recycled plastic 
Biggest is not always the best or the most effective in collecting rainwater. The more you can store the better, however there is a common misconception. The UK has short intense bursts of rainfall in the summer when rainwater is needed the most. This means that the in conventional water butts the diverter throttles the flow before the water butt is full meaning precious rainwater is lost down the down pipe when it is needed the most. The Prestige water butt is different, it collects all the flow flowing down the downpipe until full and then overflows.

Consider the micro irrigation kit if you wish to water plants (at floor level) directly from the water butt with a simple turn of the tap. Consider the Irrigatia solar water pump to water hanging baskets. 

Planter access are compatible with standard 4" plant pots, black in colour as picture. 

All fixings, tap and instructions are included - basic DIY is required.

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